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Who we are

We are more than 60 of your neighbors. We live or work in West Milford. We range in age from students to retirees. We come from all professions. We share three traits:

  • We are trained, professional EMTs (or are training to qualify)

  • We are highly motivated to provide excellent care

  • We want to serve our community

Our Officers

Our officers are elected annually. They give a great deal of their time and energy to coordinating the efforts of our members, maintaining our buildings and equipment and representing the Squad. The officers for 2022 are:


President - Rob Jirouschek   Vice President - Tony Stevens     

Captain - Andrew Wood        Recording Secretary - Sara Gonzalez     

Treasurer - Sue Pappas         Corresponding Secretary -  Gretchen Longaker

Lieutenant /Chief Instructor - Dacia Piskadlo

Trustee - Timothy Ligus      Trustee - Stacy Aldrich     Trustee - Patricia Burns

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