This compartment contains a number of devices used to carry patients or extricate them safely from precarious locations. The primary tool is the full-size backboard. There are three of them. They are used to carry patients through areas inaccessible to the cot. The patient is strapped to the backboard for transport. If cervical spine injury is suspected a stiff-neck collar will be fitted around his neck and special blocks will be attached to the backboard to restrain his head. Straps are then placed across his forehead and chin to immobilize his head and neck. For children we carry a smaller backboard.

The compartment contains two specialized stretchers used where there is insufficient room for a regular backboard and two "KEDs" used to extricate seated passengers from motor vehicle accidents. The first specialized stretcher is the "Scoop". It is hinged at one end, closes like scissors and is then used to scoop a patient off the ground. The second is the "Reeves" which is folded up alongside the patient. The patient is carefully rolled onto it and it is unfolded beneath him. It also contains a life jacket for water-rescue.

Backboard compartment